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Water feature kit for gardens

We stock a very practical water feature kit comprising the reservoir with mesh top, pond liner and submersible water pump for your project.
In addition, we will e-mail you our informative 'step-by-step' pictorial guide on how to set the water feature up using our kits.

Featuring a large plastic tank measuring 55 cm Ø x 35 cm deep and holding approx. 60 litres of water.
In addition, we supply and strong galvanized angle iron tank top with mesh, a piece of pond liner measuring 2 m x 1.5 m and a quality submersible water pump producing 1500 litres an hour.

The pump comes with a built in valve to regulate the flow of water and is guaranteed for 2 years

This kit is ideal for driled monoliths, drilled rocks and large contemporary water features.
The large capacity tank means that you seldom need to top the water level up


This kit will be delivered by Courier if purchased on it's own, or packed on a pallet if you are ordering more products from us.

 large water feature kit

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