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Slate paddlestones

water worn slate paddlestones    

Our slate Paddlestones are water worn for the most natural look possible, and are supplied in either 25 kg bags, or Bulk bags.

Paddlestones are often used to form 'dry rivers' in Japanese style gardens to represent the flow of water.
This is best achieved by laying the Paddlestones flat, one beside the other, like fish scales.
When set on their edge, the dry stream will appear to flow faster !

This material is available in 20 / 50 mm size, and 50 / 100 mm size.

A 25 kg bag of Paddlestones will cover about half a sq. meter, and sells for £12.95
A 'bulk' bag will cover about 15 sq. meters laid to 30 mm depth, and sells for £385.00

25 kg bags of 20 / 50 mm Paddlestones
Bulk bags of of 20 / 50 mm Paddlestones

25 kg bags of 50 / 100 mm Paddlestones
Bulk bags of of 50 / 100 mm Paddlestones

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20/50 mm paddlestones     50/150 mm paddlestones

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